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Who We Are
In true American tradition, Crazy Scrubs started at a kitchen table. In 1994, founder and CEO Sandi Richter was rushed to emergency surgery and noticed the frightening atmosphere that often accompanies modern health care. Sandi was worried, if she was scared in this moment, how must children feel? Sandi was inspired to create Crazy Scrubs, a medical apparel company specializing in unique and colorful designs to help ease the fears of children in healthcare environments. 


Crazy Scrubs has supported more than 100 medical missions around the globe. “From the beginning, we decided we would support any medical mission who asked for our support,” Scott Richter says, noting that the company has photos in its corporate office hallway showing Crazy Scrubs in Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, the Philippines, Mexico, China, Cambodia and India. “Surgeons who have worn our scrubs on medical missions tell us that their wild, fun Crazy Scrubs have helped ease the sense of anxiety their foreign patients felt before surgery. They say it bridges the language barrier.”

Crazy Scrubs has grown into one of the leading medical apparel retailers in the Denver area, proudly selling the brands medical professionals know and love, from Cherokee to WonderWink to Grey's Anatomy™, in addition to the wild, colorful surgical hats that started it all. ​


Winner of 2018 Colorado Companies to Watch

Crazy Scrubs was honored to be a 2018 Colorado Companies to Watch winner! The 50 companies selected each year make an astounding impact on Colorado’s economy by collectively providing thousands of jobs and contributing millions of dollars in revenue.Winning companies represent a broad range of industries and are recognized for:

  • Success in the marketplace

  • Strong potential for growth

  • Quality job creation

  • Innovative products and processes

  • Powerful economic impact

  • Community enrichment

  • Influential philanthropic actions

  • Pioneering corporate culture

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